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Re: [IP] kleenex

>"C. Jones" <email @ redacted> wrote: She asked what the alcohol pads were
>for.  I told her I wasn't sure
>Even if you don't use the alcohol for sanitary purposes, you may want to use
>them for a more accurate reading. Yesterday, I had my first 300+ reading,
>367 to be exact. I was doing some carb to bg testing so I knew I had had 8 g
>carbs 1/2 hour prior and had been 108 at that time. Obviously, the 367 was a
>mistake and I had done it without cleaning the finger first.

I guess we all have our little "rules" we use to survive in our 
lives.  I NEVER test before licking the chocolate off of my fingers 

George     :>)
(soap and water are a MUCH better cleanser than alcohol, but I love chocolate)
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