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[IP] Re: Kleenex

Okay everyone, just to clarify how this got started....I said I carried
travel-size Kleenex in my purse in response to the question,
"What supplies do you carry with you?"  This would imply that I'm 
away from home.  If I've been out in public, and I need to test myself,
I wouldn't want to put my fingers in my mouth or near my eyes and
nose for that matter to avoid catching a cold, flu, or God knows what
else.  When I'm at home, not that I'm a vampire like the rest of you,
I have no problem eating with my fingers or sticking them in my mouth
to floss, pick my teeth, etc., because I'm able to wash them first. 
I also mentioned I'm a germ-phobe.  Did I mention I'm paranoid?

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