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Re: [IP] diabetic sport band

> Would it have to say "Insulin Pump" on the ID or the paramedics know to
look for an info card in his wallet or would they just recognize the pump
when they see it.

Summer suggested MedicAlert.  I don't recall sport bands, specifically,
simply because my preferences are a little different from your son's.  But
they do have a variety of styles.  Hopefully she's right and they've got
what you need.

MedicAlert is a great route to go, because you can give them changes in
phone#, doctor, etc.  They will put their number on the ID and the
caretakers can call to get yours or your doctor's.  (You also carry a more
frequently updated ID card in your wallet.)  I've been a member since 1985,
and consider it worth the expense for peace of mind.

Whether or not you mention the pump on the ID is a matter of debate.  I had
that added to my MedicAlert bracelet, so I'm sure they would be willing to
do that if you choose.

I just wouldn't count on the paramedics to know what they are looking at
when they see it, because diabetes isn't their specialty.  I recall recently
seeing a general practice doctor who saw my insulin pump and was curious as
to what it was (my regular doctor wasn't available that day).  She knew
about insulin pumps when I told her, but had never actually seen one.

Some medical professionals can be pretty ignorant of diabetes if they don't
deal with it on a regular basis.  I've seen it, personally, and therefore
wouldn't count on any paramedic to know what that "thing" was.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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