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[IP] wisdom Teeth

When I had my wisdom teeth removed (as well as a tonsillectomy) I was still on
shots -MDI. I was told by my doctor to take half the daily dose of Lente and
eat when I felt like that. I did pretty good, I ate all soft things plus those
Ensure dietary supplements. The day of the surgeries were a trip, meaning I
had to check my blood sugar more often. Stress does bring up my sugars plus
Ensure has some sugar and carbs in it. At the time, gave myself a shot of
regular insulin to cover it. Just keep a lot of soft food items on hand and
monitor yourself. Stay away from citrusy and tomatoey stuff because that tends
to burn-especially in the case of the tonsillectomy. It would be great if I
was on the diet all the time because I lost a lot of weight but felt
terrible-Mostly weak and sleepy but you are supposed to rest anyways so you
can heal. Best wishes, you'll do OK just keep checking your sugars (more than
normal) Sharon
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