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[IP] Re: Re-inserting a sillhouette

> From: email @ redacted
> I just changed sets and I had gotten my sil all the way in and half the tape
> down and realized I wasn't going to last 3 minutes never mind 3 days with it
> in, must have hit a bunch of nerves or something any ways I pulled it out and
> used a new set in a new spot no problem, my question is could I have used the
> same set?  I hadn't pulled the introducer needle out yet, is it ok to
> re-insert a set??

Yes, I've had to do this a few times, when I hit a tender spot or I know
I've struck blood. I think it's officially not recommended, though --
something to do with kinking the cannula or some such. If you HAD taken out
the needle, you could probably pull out the cannula and very carefully try
to slide the needle back into it and then re-insert. I think I've done this
once in four years or so. Usually I just open up a new set, while I grumble
about the waste of money.

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