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I am not sure if anyone reply to you regarding the quicksets and angles.
If Johnny is thin, the angled infusion set does make the absorption more
even.  Not sure if this is what happens to him, but maybe the canula of the
quickset is too close to the muscle, hence giving you unsteady readings.  I
use the 6mm canula for the quickset since they thought it will help with
keeping the absorption even.  Your son, if he is thin, might need to use the
angled infusion sets since this prevents the canula from being too close to
the muscle.  I have gain 10Lbs since on the pump, but for the first month or
so on it I was very thin and I could actually feel the burning sensation of
the insulin when I bolused (not as bad as when I injected it since on the
pump it goes slower.)  When I placed it closer to the pouch in middle of my
abdomen, where I had some fat, I did not to feel it and BG readings were
more even.  I have most of my fat in my thighs and back then had very little
in my abdomen.  Back then I was afraid of using any other site other than
the abdomen which probably would have been better since I had plenty fat
there and would have felt no pain :o)  

I hope this helps.  
Eloisa pumping with Bombita MM's Paradigm

Linda wrote:

My son uses quick sets with the insertion device, but his numbers always
seem to be different from one set change to the next.  I have him check the
cannula when he takes it out  for crimps, but there are none....Sometimes
absorb well and other times I have to have him change the set after one day
or two.  He doesn't have bumps under the skin where he inserts (or anywhere,
for that fact).
.. I was wondering if it was the angle that made the absorption more
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