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[IP] RE: Finger Holes & Kleenex

Actually that happens to me too.  It actually bothers me a lot (just for a
few minutes) when it happens. It is the only time when I feel very different
since the diagnose, like I am in such bad shape that I am bleeding from
every pore (I know I am not, I am just trying to explain, the best I can,
what I feel in that moment.)  It only happens if I reuse the same finger in
the same day.  I sometimes forget, and reuse them within the same day.  

I thought it only happened to me so I am glad someone else has it too.

Regarding the Kleenex, I am licker but now that I read Shawna's answer a lot
of things are making sense.  I have been wondering why I have had 4 or more
colds since diagnosis in February, when before I would go years without
getting sick.  I thought it had to do with diabetes weakening my immune
system (although I thought having type 1 meant I had an overactive immune
system.)  Any how, I will be more careful as to when to lick and when not to
lick and see if I see a correlation with the number of colds.

I am so glad and thankful for this list.  I am the only pumper I know (other
than when I go to sponsored quarterly meeting) and for that matter the only
insulin dependent diabetic and I am glad to read that I am not alone even on
the silliest of things like the finger holes and licking blood.

BTW, my partner would be sick every time she saw me lick my finger, now when
I test her once in a while, she also licks it out.  It is funny.

Eloisa pumping with Bombita MM's Paradigm 

Summer Wrote:

1) Has anyone else noticed that while squeezing to get blood old holes
reopen?  I've been noticing it for a while some times I'll have 3 holes
giving me blood on one finger even though I only poked it once and I havn't
used that finger for hours and hours, even days earlier.
2) How many lick it off, how many use kleenex and what else do people do??
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