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[IP] Re: Glucagon kits

">>> email @ redacted 01/03/03 01:21pm >>>
check the dates, it 
sure seems they don't last very long, "

I just got a new one in October 2002 and it doesn't expire until Feb 2004. That's seems long enough to me. (Here's hoping I have to replace it because it expires and not because I had to use it!)

I have a questions for Summer and the other Canadians: is your Glucagon kit covered by insurance? My insurance company has informed me they only cover the animal-source Glucagon, however my pharmacist says that that has been discontinued in Canada and the only one available is human-source Glucagon. I passed this on to the insurance co. and they still insisted they only cover animal-source, and when I said fine, I'll buy that kind, where can I purchase it???? they never got back to me. Still waiting to hear. Anyway, just curious if anyone else has had this frustration...

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