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[IP] Re: Glucagon kits

We get new glucagon kits from Kaiser once or twice a year and they now all 
come in the red plastic case.  All the ones we have in the cardboard cases 
are out of date and we give them to the nurse educator.  She uses them to 
teach/practice wih other patient, parents, etc., how to use the kit in an 
emergency situation.  So if you have any glucagon kits, check the dates, it 
sure seems they don't last very long, or thank goodness we don't have to use 
them that often.

> email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Glucagon Kits
> I just watched Panic Room, which I thought was pretty good, didn't find 
> anything wrong or misleading about diabetes, but anyways.  The girl had a 
> glucagon kit in a red hard case, does anyone have one of these or was that 
> just a movie prop??  The only kits I've had come in a cardboard box and and 
> have the needle and the bottle separate in it.  If I could find one in a 
> case like that I'd buy one for when I'm on trips etc as it would be 
> convinient to carry.
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