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Re: [IP] What supplies do you carry with you?

> I carry an extra infusion set (with an alcohol swab),
> My tester, poker, and strips,
> My pilot (with calorie-king carb counter)
> AND MOST IMPORTANT.... glucose tablets

And I think equally important is extra pump batteries. They're flat enough
to carry in my meter case. I do not have a poker with me, I do it by *hand*
but I do carry a syringe instead of infusion set to recover any insulin in
my tubing and hub if I'd run out of pump insulin to cover a meal or two,
including basals. There are 40 units in the tubing/hub and that's more than
my daily dose. Thanks to Michael - I learned that from him. YMMV (~_^)

BTW, I WIPE the blood off. I have a folded Kleenex in my meter case and use
the backside of it so when I open the case, the bloody side doesn't show.
The first time I saw someone lick, it made me soooo sick to my stomach I
couldn't do a test on myself for three (3) days!! If it does that to *me* I
wonder what it does to an onlooker not used to this?  I'm sooo sorry this
thread is going through AGAIN - I just delete those posts to avoid the
thought. I'll prolly miss something important - much to the delight of some
members. lol

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