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Re: [IP] Re: Kleenex

When Jenny, 14, went to diabetes camp the summer after her diagnosis (n 
1998), the other D kids got after her for using a kleenex. They told her 
"you don't really have diabetes is you don't lick your blood." Besides, 
I think she kind of enjoys grossing out the other kids.


Shawna wrote:

>I lick the blood of as well. Afterall, there normally isn't too much blood and
>what a hassle to carry around kleenex for just a small amount of blood. On the
>rare occasion though I do get weird looks and I know a couple of diabetics who
>use a kleenex and disapprove of licking the blood of your finger but I don't
>care, afterall, it's my blood and like I mentioned before, it's only a small
>amount. :)
>Jacqueline Hall
>This is so funny cause I was just thinking about posting to do a little survey
>on how many of us lick the blood off!!  I personnally havn't used a kleenex in
>at least 4 years!!
>How many lick it off, how many use kleenex and what else do people do??
>Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
>Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
>I have no aversion to my own blood, but I have an aversion to all the bacteria out
>there.  I wash my hands a lot!  By the way, I never get sick when all the people
>around me do.  Also I've blotted sometimes and it's continued to bleed, getting 
>blood on other things, so I like to have something to press on it for a few seconds.  
>I also use cotton balls.
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