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Re: [IP] kleenex

When I was taking my pump training, my trainer had me do a blood sugar test.
I told her that she should turn her head because it could get ugly.

I just got my lancet pen out and got my sample.  She asked what the alcohol
pads were for.  I told her I wasn't sure.  But somebody told me that I
should have them. She then made motions as to get the dust off the box.

I got my sample and asked again, "are you sure you want to see this?"

  I then licked my finger and her only comment was, "have you ever been to
diabetic camp?"

She did ask how often I changed my lancet.  I said it was my New Year's
resolution to change them on every lancet changing day.

She seemed somewhat relieved and encouraged me to at least do that.

Uh, when is the next lancet changing day?

Chris and Julian
> This is so funny cause I was just thinking about posting to do a little
> survey on how many of us lick the blood off!!  I personnally havn't used a
> kleenex in at least 4 years!!
>  How many lick it off, how many use kleenex and what else do people do??
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