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[IP] RE:Self-Employed and Health Insurance Help!

At 10:25 AM 1/3/03, Donna wrote:
>Under my current PPO plan I have to pay $35 a month for my test strips.
>Since my lancets costs less than that, I pay the regular price for those.
>Both plans were 3 tiers for prescriptions. Unfortunately my test strips are
>not 'preferred'. I can switch to the preferred brand - I think it is
>accu-check, which I liked in the past or can mail order 3 months worth  of
>test strips for the price of two.

And, under MY BC/BS PPO my test strips (any kind I like) are covered under 
DME 100%.  Even within the PPO plans coverages all differ according to the 

>So I would ask each plan rep what is covered, by how much, and under what

This is very good advice.

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