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[IP] problems with Ultraflex

At 10:25 AM 1/3/03, you wrote:
>I've heard that if you don't push it straight in quickly but in a little and
>then the rest of the way it can kink, don't know if that is what is going on
>with yours or if you just need to use something else.
>I'd call Disetronic's tech support for advice if it was me, they gave me
>great advice when I was still on the tenders and having a lot of pain with
>Faith & SweetiePie, her mighty blue dtron

And when I tried the UltraFlex, they always "snagged" on me and never went 
in smoothly with one push.  No matter how straight or how quickly I pushed 
it in, it always did this.  I definitely think this is a YMMV thing, I 
think where it snagged was where the needle stuck out of the cannula.

who prefers the QuickSets instead
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