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[IP] Re: Paradigm alarms/sirens - Oops type-o!

> you ignore it, it won't keep going, unless I suppose you run out of 
> insulin entirely.  I don't know about this though, since I've run out.  
> I've gotten as low as 8 units, which is fine for me, since that's more 
> than my TDD of basal.  When you check your status screen, the 
> "Low Reservoir" message will still be there until you clear it out.

Plus, it has about 10 units "in reserve" after you hit zero.
Obviously its not good practice to "run into the red", but it is


Oops - that was a type-o.  It was supposed to say 
"I've NEVER run out."  I only fill my reservoir with 60-80 units 
because my TDD averages 13 and I still end up wasting some insulin.  
(I change it out every 3 days.)  Because of this, I get "Low Reservoir" 
alarms all the time, so I'm really glad it doesn't siren!

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