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[IP] What supplies do you carry with you?

<What supplies do you carry with you?  What do you feel are absolutely
necessary to have on hand at all times?  How do you carry them?>

My supply list is long:  I always carry my BG meter with plenty of strips, 
spare batteries, and BD Glucose Tabs (they're flat, take up less room
and fit in the outside flap of my meter case (One Touch Ultra).  I also 
keep a carb bar in my purse and a tube of "Insta-Glucose", along with 
travel-size Kleenex to blot the blood from testing.  I recently started 
keeping my Glucagon Kit in my purse too.  My insurance doesn't pay for
them, and at $90 a piece, I don't have multiple ones to keep at home 
and work, especially since they expire.

When I started pumping, I also started carrying a spare Reservoir, 
Infusion Set, Quickserter, Batteries, Insulin, a couple syringes, alcohol 
wipes, & IV prep.  I keep all that in my blue nylon bag I got from MM as 
my "emergency kit."  The bag is put into the bottom of my purse that 
has now become the size of a suitcase!  I don't carry the emergency kit 
with me everywhere, if I'm only a short distance from home, but I realized 
the importance of having an extra infusion set, when I accidentally ripped 
mine out in a bathroom at an airport!

Other things I also carry are a cell phone and PDA with a food data base 
in it for carb counting.  And then of course there's my log book.  These last 
items aren't absolutely necessary, but handy.  One of the things I realized 
when I became diabetic, was there would no longer be any small purses....

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