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[IP] RE:Self-Employed and Health Insurance Help!

I have had both BCBS HMO and PPO plans within the last two years. (My
employer keeps switching.) On the HMO plan my test strips and lancets were
covered under DME (durable medical equipment) and there was no deductible
for my policy. I really enjoyed that!!

Under my current PPO plan I have to pay $35 a month for my test strips.
Since my lancets costs less than that, I pay the regular price for those.
Both plans were 3 tiers for prescriptions. Unfortunately my test strips are
not 'preferred'. I can switch to the preferred brand - I think it is
accu-check, which I liked in the past or can mail order 3 months worth  of
test strips for the price of two. 

I did ask our BCBS rep as to why they were covered under dme under one plan
and under prescriptions under the other. The response was clouded and that
it was up to the plan director/policy writer. 

So I would ask each plan rep what is covered, by how much, and under what

take care and best of luck,
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