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re:[IP] Glucagon Kits

ubject: [IP] Glucagon Kits

I just watched Panic Room, which I thought was pretty good, didn't find
anything wrong or misleading about diabetes, but anyways. The girl had a
glucagon kit in a red hard case, does anyone have one of these or was that
just a movie prop?? The only kits I've had come in a cardboard box and and
have the needle and the bottle separate in it. If I could find one in a case
like that I'd buy one for when I'm on trips etc as it would be convinient to

Mine comes in a red hard case.  Haven't seen one in the cardboard box in
years. Maybe it's an american thing?

Faith & SweetiePie, her mighty blue dtron
diabetic for 21+ years and glad to be here
pumping since 08-00
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