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Re: [IP] Panic Room

At 11:02 PM 1/2/03, you wrote:
>The girl is in the "Panic Room" with the bad guys and she supposedly
>has a hypo and the bad guy gives her a glucagon injection. The
>unrealistic part is that she's telling him what to do but can't give
>the injection herself. Everyone I know is quite capable of giving
>themselves a shot if they are capable of that much intelligent
>interaction. I would think that if you were far enough gone to need
>glucagon that you would not be able to talk about it.
>email @ redacted

That's exactly what my husband said.  If she was bad enough to need 
glucagon, would she be able to "help" the robber give her the shot?  He 
also remarked that if she had been low enough to have the "convulsion" she 
appeared to have, she would have been completely out of it and not really 
comprehending anything, especially not the questions the robber 
asked.  When I've had lows in the past like that, I couldn't even respond 
when asked what my name was.

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