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[IP] Back from vacation...

Well, I made it through my 2 week vacation in one piece!  We flew from Tampa 
to Milwaukee.  I had all my pump supplies packed in my carry on and that made 
it through security with no problem, then I went through the metal detector 
in Tampa and set it off, so I got wanded and it was my pump (Paradigm) that 
set it off.  The whole process took about 2 minutes and was no big deal.  
When we flew back to Tampa today, my carry on with supplies made it through 
the scanner just fine, but I again set the metal detector off and was wanded 
and sent on my way.  All in all it was no trouble at all and I was quite 
impressed with the security personnel  
    Diagnosed 8-13-93 (age 11)
    Pumping since 7-18-02 w/ my blue Paradigm "Lancelot"
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