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Re: [IP] Paradigm alarm on New Years Eve

No problem here.  But I did want to let everyone know........I was talking about having 2 healthy and beautiful babies while diabetic.  Well,.....I am happy to say.....I found out that I am a little over 4 weeks preggo with my third child.  There is 18 months inbetween my first 2 children and there will be 18.5 months in between my seconc and third child.  :)
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At midnight on New Years Eve I got a rally weird alarm message on my 
Paradigm. It said to call for assistance and to hit esc. act to clear alarm. 
When I cleared the alarm, it gave me a low battery alarm. I cleared that 
alarm and changed the battery immediately. I then had to rewind and set it 
up again along with all the other settings, the memory had cleared itself 
out. Not sure why it did this, but have not had any problems prior to this 
or since. 

Did anyone else have this problem?

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