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Re: [IP] wisdom teeth

> about anesthesia? i've never been under anesthesia of any kind before. it
doesn't worry me too
> much, though, after having read about other types of procedures on the
list-- what i'm more
> worried about is what/how i can eat for those first couple of days without
teeth. anyone got any
> input?

i really don't know about having the wisdom teeth out as a diabetic, i had
mine out when i was 16 or so - pre-diabetes - but i was fully awake
throughout the procedure.  just novocaine, and nowhere near enough of that!
thing was, i was on normal solid foods within days.  it's completely a ymmv
thing, but for me, it was a lot of liquids, applesauce, soup, for those
first couple of days, and then everything was fine.  just had to keep it all
clean after eating.
the first night was pretty hellish though.  i'd advise sleeping sitting up -
don't lie down.  you may be spitting up some blood, and it's just generally
easier on you not to be lying down in the process.

oh yeah, cold packs (wrapped, never directly on skin) 20 minutes on, 20
minutes off - don't leave it on too long or you may cause some damage to the
skin.  it'll feel much better though.
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