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[IP] teeth problems

over the past 4 years or so my teeth have just been going to heck (about the
same length of time they figure i've had or been developing diabetes).  no
matter how carefully and regularly i brush and floss, i just keep getting
cavities.  what's worse is that in the past year and a half, 3 of the fillings
(one of them in between 2 teeth, so i guess it counts for 2 fillings, which
would then amount to 4 fillings) have broken, causing the decay to progress
worse in those teeth, and then have to be refilled (at my expense - i have
very poor insurance, if you can even call it insurance).

i guess the question is, have other people had the same problems with
cavities/tooth decay?  any research into whether this can be attributed to the
diabetes?  maybe i just have weak teeth, i don't know.

needless to say, i'm trying to find a dentist other than the one who put in
the fillings that broke.
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