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Re: [IP] Getting Ready for Pumping

>I need a little help making a shopping list. Along with my Cozmo, the dist
>wipes, and infusion sets as well. I would like to try other infusion sets.
>Any recommendations? Is there anything else I should ask for?


I would just recommend that you not get a large supply of any type of 
infusion set to begin with.  I dislike that the pump companies just 
assume our choices of sets to begin with and send such large 
supplies.  If I were you, I would contact the manufacturers to ask 
for a couple of samples of each of their sets.  You have the Tenders 
so you don't need Sils or Comforts, but do get samples of the Rapids 
and the Ultraflex from Disetronic, the Sofsets and Quick Sets from 
Medtronic.  Heck, ask either one of those companies for samples of 
their "bent needles"!  You never know what your choice will be until 
you've sampled them all.

George   :>)
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