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Re: [IP] wisdom teeth

I had my impacted wisdom teeth out in the dark ages--25 years ago.  The main
problem I had was with throwing up after surgery, and then with nausea
caused by codeine.  So my biggest suggestion would be to have nausea tablets
AND suppositories on hand as well as glucagon just in case your BG drops and
you can't eat/drink.  Also for nausea, I keep regular Coke on hand (be sure
to stir some of the bubbles out first) and Cool Pops/Otter Pops/Flavor-Ice.

I also have stomach problems, so I drink a lot of high protein Boost--it's
like Ensure, but tastes a LOT better.  It comes in chocolate, chocolate
mocha, strawberry, vanilla, and some others.  You might want to experiment
before hand.

Coming out of the general anesthesia was *very* weird for me--for a few
minutes, I couldn't remember whether I had ever been alive before!  If I
ever have to be put under again, I'm going to request that someone be with
me when I come to for a little reassurance!

Best wishes,

Lisa Mattox
Type I 26 years
Animas Pump 6 months
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