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Re: [IP] wisdom teeth

i've got an appointment at the dentist next week, and there is a possibility
that i may have to
get my wisdom teeth removed (they're growing in weird and now they are
bothering me). my sister
just got hers taken out, and she spent the next couple of days sleeping all
the time and eating
only liquid food and ramen. how can i deal with this as a diabetic??
especially the eating
part--ramen and carnation instant breakfast are not exactly conducive to a
good diet. also, what
about anesthesia? i've never been under anesthesia of any kind before. it
doesn't worry me too
much, though, after having read about other types of procedures on the
list-- what i'm more
worried about is what/how i can eat for those first couple of days without
teeth. anyone got any

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01

Hey Becky,
 I had my wisdoms pulled several years ago now, but I sure do remember it, I
was knocked out to have the procedure done as one of my teeth was
impacted(ouch). I was NOT pumping then and there was no such thing as
humalog then either, the shortest acting insulin available then was 3 hrs. I
had my little sister (Becky ;)) babysit me for the day after the procedure.
I switched to my liquid diet thaT i  would follow if I was sick (flu etc). I
got hte advice to do this from my doctors, so I would recomend you phone
your doc., or nurse and ask them what they think.
Good luck!
Tami in Tucson
pumping since Nov1/02
 P.S. I made a lot of regular jello the day before so I could eat it ;)
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