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Re: [IP] wisdom teeth

> i've got an appointment at the dentist next week, and there is a
> possibility that i may have to get my wisdom teeth removed (they're
> growing in weird and now they are bothering me). my sister just got
> hers taken out, and she spent the next couple of days sleeping all
> the time and eating only liquid food and ramen. how can i deal with
> this as a diabetic??

I assume that since you're on the list that you are a pumper. Lily 
had her W-teeth removed about a year ago and ate soft stuff for 
several days until the swelling went down. If your basal is OK, you 
should not have to do much of anything out of the ordinary except the 
usual carb counting. Soup, ice cream, etc.... works good but you will 
get tired of it before you are able to eat "real" food :-)

> especially the eating part--ramen and carnation
> instant breakfast are not exactly conducive to a good diet. also,
> what about anesthesia? i've never been under anesthesia of any kind
> before. it doesn't worry me too much, though, after having read
> about other types of procedures on the list-- what i'm more worried
> about is what/how i can eat for those first couple of days without
> teeth. anyone got any input?

Anything you can suck through a straw works -- you can puree stuff if 
you are really hard up. You just don't want to push any food into the 
open wounds, not even bread. I remember (many moons ago) when I had 
mine removed -- not fun, but not a big deal.

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