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RE: [IP] flying


I fly a few times a year on business - including a two-week trip to London a
few months ago, so I've faced these questions too.

On that London trip, I made sure to have both a letter and fresh
prescriptions from my Dr., even though these aren't enough.  Since I get all
my supplies mail-order, none of them have pharmacy labels on them, so I just
brought most of them in a plastic bag.  I did make sure that my insulin,
which I get locally, had the pharmacy label on it though.  Also, I carried
most of the supplies in my checked bag, but kept a small supply in my
briefcase, which I carried on.  Oh yeah, I carry an empty BG-meter strip
container to put my used "sharps" in, too.

Now, having said that, It was all a waste of time. :-)  Seriously, even
though I was one of the "randomly selected" passengers to get the extra
search, nobody has ever said anything about my supplies - reservoirs (with
needles attached), infusion sets (again, with the inserter needle), nor
backup syringes.  The only thing that ever happens is that I'm told to
remove my "beeper" (actually a MiniMed 508) before going through the metal
detector.  I just explain what it is, and I'm good.  Only once did I ever
have show the tubing and infusion set to convince somebody, and it has never
set off the metal detector.

YMMV and have a nice trip!


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Date: Wed, 1 Jan 2003 20:44:18 -0600
From: "Tom L" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] flying

My husband & I are flying for the first time and I was wondering if anyone
any suggestions to make the trip less stressful.  We live in Wisconsin and
flying to Mexico 1/11/03.  I am on the insulin pump almost one year and will
be bringing an extra pump along.  I am told a note from the doctor will not
do, but all supplies must have the pharmacy label on.  Not all my supples
labels since I have not used the first insulin pen and do not have all the
containers I got them in last January and do not need any new supplies.

Where do I put my supplies?  In my purse or carry on.  What do you do with
needles?  I have a needle container, but will they let me carry this along,
both ways?  Do I insist that certain things do not go through the security

I am not afraid of flying, but terrified about getting both ways through
security, with all my supplies.

Any suggestions will be helpful.

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