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Re: [IP] flying

I travel regulary for my job between New York City and Washington DC. By 
regularly I mean once a week. 

For all of the times that I have travelled, I have only been stopped when my 
MM Paradigm pump has set off the metal detector. Then and only then have I 
been wanded by security. The pump has never set off the wand detector. I have 
never been patted down or never has anyone opened or searched my carry on 
bags which are set on the table in front of me in full sight (I do not check 

My carry on baggage generally consists of : 

A  20 inch wheeled piece of luggage with my clothing, diabetic supplies and 
other medications I may need in the event I get ill or a sinus headache, etc. 

A laptop computer bag attached to which (on the should strap) is my glucose 
testing kit meter, lancets and strips), some emergency syringes, my insulin 
and a glucagon kit.    

Generally this is more of an incovenience in time than anything else.

I would assume that since the endpoints are DC and New York that this should 
be the most focused security measures in the US. Maybe / Maybe Not.

Hope this helps with anyone that has some angst over airport security 
procedures and what they may be up against.

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