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Re:[IP] Animas R1000 Alarms

Subject: Re:
Sorry for typing so much, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this


 OK, first things first, yayyyyyyyyyyy Michael and all the pumpers who have
been workin on the site , thumbs up to ya all and a BIG hug and kiss!!!!
 My Animus pump freaked out about the batterie late one night, let me tell
ya OMG the alarm had me thinkin the world was commin to an end !! Any way, I
was able to quiet it for a bit, and eventually resolved my batterie issue( i
only had 2, it needs 3 ) it was 3 am and OMG what a night that was. But
other wise I have not had any issues with the alarm, my s/n is 01544 range,
so I dunno if that  makes a difference or not :s
Tami in Tucson
pumpin since Nov1/02 and soooooooooooooo happy to have her support group
back ;)

Hi there.  I have also had battery alarm problems with Animas, but I
probably push the battery thing too far anyway.

I should change them once a month and just deal with it.  Otherwise, I find
the alarms reasonable and helpful.

Take care all!  And Happy Pumping.  Michael, thank you for all you do.  I
don't think I say it enough.

Love to all and Happy New Year,

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