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Re: [IP] flying

Robert Spier <email @ redacted> wrote:

>Suggestion #3: - Relax. (See #1.)

>The people who have horror stories tend to be louder than the people who 
>have had good experiences.

I have only flown once since 9/11 and had a very easy experience.  I was 
also worried and concerned about flying with my supplies in my carry-on 
bag.  I had all my diabetes supplies in a plastic one-zip bag inside my 
carry-on bag.  My pump was at my waist under my shirt.  No one stopped me 
or asked any questions.  I walked through the metal detector, picked my 
bags up off the conveyor belt and went on my way.  This was both in Detroit 
and Phoenix.  I never mentioned my pump or diabetes and was never asked 
about either.

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