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Re: [IP] What supplies do you carry with you?

> What supplies do you carry with you?  What do you feel are absolutely
> necessary to have on hand at all times?  How do you carry them?

as long as i'm in the city, which is most of the time, i carry around my
glucometer, plenty of strips, and most of the time a syringe or two in the
glucometer kit.  for a little while i was carrying around the entire set
change until i realized that i never stay out overnight, and i can get home
easily from pretty well anywhere.  i mean, if there was a storm warning on,
i'd probably carry it around that day.  even the university is just a half
hour away from home.
if i'm going out of the city, then i carry around an extra set change,
bottle of insulin, etc.  i haven't actually really travelled since going on
the pump, so i have to go through that adventure later.
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