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[IP] Re: flying

I have flown recently. I pack all my medical supplies together in a soft cooler. I use a few frozen ice packs in it, just in case it is exposed to heat. The cooler passes as one of my 2 carry-ons. My large tote purse is the other.

I have rx labels on the insulin, and I have the rx from my box of syringes. Perhaps your pharmacist can help with labels. I also have a letter from my doctor, just for reinforcement. I do not pass the cooler through the xray machine. Instead, I request that they manually inspect it. I explain that I wear an insulin pump and they are very considerate. They open the cooler and see what is there. I think they check for explosives. They don't actually touch anything, but once they see the rx labels, they clear me.


email @ redacted wrote
>Subject: [IP] flying
 I am on the insulin pump almost one year and will
>be bringing an extra pump along.  I am told a note from the doctor will not
>do, but all supplies must have the pharmacy label on.  Not all my supples have
>labels since I have not used the first insulin pen and do not have all the
>containers I got them in last January and do not need any new supplies.
>Where do I put my supplies?  In my purse or carry on.  What do you do with the
>needles?  I have a needle container, but will they let me carry this along,
>both ways?  Do I insist that certain things do not go through the security
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