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Re: [IP] flying

Robert certainly has said things well but to throw in my 3 cents. I just got back from a trip to Idaho from my current home here in Austin. Not a problem either way - and that included flying on the 31st - the first day all airports were required to screen ALL checked luggage as well. 

I ALWAYS carry ALL my pump supplies in my carry on - BOTH DIRECTIONS. No exceptions. My only worry was in returning with the used lancets, infusion, and filling needles - these I did place in the hard plastic pencil carrier (that I also carry a handful of syringes in even though I have two pumps) and that was in my checked luggage. 

I made sure my pump was full before each of our flight days so that I wouldn't have to worry about making a change mid day. I wore pants where I could put the pump in a pocket - but could access it if necessary - the only time I have been questioned was when it was clipped to the back of my pants and the tubing was hanging down. I also put my infusion site up high near my waist for a "worst case scenerio" where somebody might want to see that yes it indeed was connected - I've never had to do this - but there is always a first. 

I don't volunteer - I just put my bags on the belt with everybody elses and I figure if they want to see something in more detail they will then hand search it - but they didn't. (and actually in Boise I usually do get hand checked - go figure - higher security and I flew through).

So have fun - don't forget the sun tan lotion - and have a corona for me.

Linda & Dax
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