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re: [IP] flying

Check with your airline as requirements change from time to time.
The latest I heard (which is not that recent) is you need a letter of
medical necessity from your doctor, and you do not need prescription
labels on everything. (Now if that is wrong it means that the powers
that be have done their 2nd 180 degree turn)  My letter (I can't
remember the exact content )
says that I am under his care for Diabetes and I need all the supplies
including syringes and other equipment.

A second pump is pretty clever, and I would never have thought of that.
Bring lots of spare pump supplies and spare batteries, and enough
insulin to get you through the trip, and then some.  Quite likely
insulin is available there and probably without prescription, and
probably the same brands we have here and probably cheaper.  
You might want to consider something to keep things cool.

Keep your supplies in a carry on.  I dont think there is any risk from
the security machines.

Relax, enjoy.

PS I hate security too, but it's not that bad....


My husband & I are flying for the first time and I was wondering if
anyone has
any suggestions to make the trip less stressful.  We live in Wisconsin
and are
flying to Mexico 1/11/03.  I am on the insulin pump almost one year and
be bringing an extra pump along.  I am told a note from the doctor will
do, but all supplies must have the pharmacy label on.  Not all my
supples have
labels since I have not used the first insulin pen and do not have all
containers I got them in last January and do not need any new supplies.

Where do I put my supplies?  In my purse or carry on.  What do you do
with the
needles?  I have a needle container, but will they let me carry this
both ways?  Do I insist that certain things do not go through the

I am not afraid of flying, but terrified about getting both ways through
security, with all my supplies.

Any suggestions will be helpful.

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