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Re: [IP] flying

> Where do I put my supplies?  In my purse or carry on.  What do you
> do with the needles?  I have a needle container, but will they let
> me carry this along, both ways?  Do I insist that certain things do
> not go through the security machines?

Putting all your medical supplies in a carry on bag makes it pretty 
obvious what they are for and will probably make the security check 
easier. The security machines will not hurt any of the supplies. Most 
security people (at least the supervisors) are aware of insulin pumps 
and will not hassle you. You may have to explain what the pump is and 
that you have diabetes to the screener if they are not familiar with 
pumps, but that's all. Lily flies frequently and it's been very 
routine except that right after 9/11 they took her "safety scissors" 
away from her.

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