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[IP] Deltec Cozmo Review

Has anyone received a Cozmo yet???

I am still working with distributors and insurance to try and get mine.  
However, I am doing a saline start with a loaner this week.  So far it seems 
great!  Now I don't have anything to compare it too, and it's only been 3 
days but so far so good.  There are tons of alarms and reminders that you 
can turn on or off, and haven't noticed any problems.  I like being able to 
program your bolus by the number of carbs you are eating so you don't have 
to the division in your head.  The only problems I've seen are that it is a 
little thicker than most pumps, and the battery cap.  The thing about it 
being thicker isn't a big deal it just feels a little bulky in my pocket but 
not too bad.  And the battery cap is notched, you are supposed to use a coin 
to unscrew it when changing the battery.  It seems that the notch gets kind 
of chewed up easily and it seems that this part could need replacing.  I 
believe though Deltec would probably replace this at little or no cost.  My 
sales rep told me if you use a nickel it would fit the notch better and get 
chewed up less.  I've also had to change the reservoir quite a few times (my 
fault not the pump), which means the piston has gone up and down quite a few 
times, but the battery (AAA) hasn't gone down at all from its initial level.

I'll let you know Friday if I have any other problems, but so far I really 
like it and am excited to get mine!

John Anderson

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