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Re: [IP] flying

Suggestion #1:

    - Relax.  Air travel is made a lot more stressful by people
      worrying and panicking.  It's really not that bad.  Sure, some
      people have horrible experiences, and other people really do get
      struck by lightning.  The vast majority of millions of flyers a
      day have a satisfactory experience.  (And by that I mean no
      hassles, etc.)

Suggestion #2:

    - Don't worry about security - just don't do anything silly like
      try and carry a bowie knife, hunting rifle, or small nuclear
      device through.  Your nail clippers may also be a problem, or
      may not.  It really depends on the screeners.  All of the above
      (except for one) can be placed in checked baggage.  

      I've flown many times since going on the pump, and have not once
      had anyone blink at it.  They are more likely to want to take a
      look at my digital camera.  (Although not on this past trip.)  

      Diabetic supplies have never been a problem either.  I've never
      been asked for a prescription.  Periodically they'll glance
      inside the pouch containing the supplies, but have never shown
      interest.  (I don't blame them - who wants to poke around a
      bunch of syringes?)    Even if you don't have labels for
      everything, they're most likely not going to care.  As long as
      you don't have a completely unlabeled vial.  

Suggestion #3:

    - Relax.  (See #1.)  The people who have horror stories tend to
      be louder than the people who have had good experiences.

Suggestion #4:

    - Bring a plastic bag for your coat.  You'll be experiencing at
      least a 40deg temperature change from your departure city to
      your arrival city.  Before you get onto the airplane, pop your
      coat into the bag.  Then, stuff it in the overhead compartment.
      (If they complain, you can always take it down.  And - it
      squishes well.)

Suggestion #5:

    - Don't check anything "important".  My pump supplies for a week
      take the space of a large paperback book.  (Say the size of Lord
      of the Rings, all three books.)  This is not a lot.   I've never
      had my luggage lost, but it does happen.  (I believe it happens
      a lot less now than it did 1.5 years ago.)  

Suggestion #6:

    - Noise canceling headphones!  Airplanes are loud inside with the
      roar of the engines and air and stuff like that.  I find it's
      very nice to have headphones that will deaden the sound.  Radio
      Shack had an Aiwa set for $50.  It makes flying nicer.  (Insert
      rambling about stress and noise and stuff.)  

Suggestion #7:

    - You guessed it.  Relax and have fun!

-R (who flew a lot last year, has never had a problem, and just
yesterday returned from a week "vacation" on the alternate coast.)

Tom L wrote:
> My husband & I are flying for the first time and I was wondering if anyone has
> any suggestions to make the trip less stressful.  We live in Wisconsin and are
> flying to Mexico 1/11/03.  I am on the insulin pump almost one year and will
> be bringing an extra pump along.  I am told a note from the doctor will not
> do, but all supplies must have the pharmacy label on.  Not all my supples have
> labels since I have not used the first insulin pen and do not have all the
> containers I got them in last January and do not need any new supplies.
> Where do I put my supplies?  In my purse or carry on.  What do you do with the
> needles?  I have a needle container, but will they let me carry this along,
> both ways?  Do I insist that certain things do not go through the security
> machines?
> I am not afraid of flying, but terrified about getting both ways through
> security, with all my supplies.
> Any suggestions will be helpful.
> Linda
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