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[IP] questions for MM Paradigm users

I have a Paradigm.  
My first question is regarding site changes and quicksets.  The quicksets are packaged in such a
way as to almost force you to change everything at once - the reservoir, the tubing, and the site
itself.  The reason I say this, is that the site as packaged is already connected to the tubing. 
I was told that the tubing MUST BE PRIMED whenever you insert a site.  So this means if I have a
bad site, but my reservoir is nearly full, and the tubing is only a day old, I have no choice but
to throw away the old tubing, rewind the pump, prime the new tubing, and then insert the new site.
 Because this will use at least 10 units, it often means I will need a new reservoir, in order to
avoid the reservoir going empty before I am ready to change the site.
I am wondering if anyone has tried to just insert a new site, without the tubing primed or
connected to the pump, and then just connect the old tubing to the new site?  This is easy to do
with the silhouettes, but I am not sure you can do it with the quicksets.  If you have ever done
this, please let me know.

I recently started filling my reservoirs in advance - several at a time, instead of filling them
during a site change.  I feel like my sites are not lasting well, and am wondering if storing the
insulin in the plastic reservoirs for an extra week might cause the insulin to degrade.  I am
wondering if anyone else pre-fills their reservoirs, and, if you do, do you have any problem with

Thanks for your help,
Pumping with MM for 7 years.

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