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[IP] Self-Employed and Health Insurance Help!

If anyone has any opinions on health insurance and being self-employed, please
let me know.
We were just hit with a 65 percent rate increase on our HMO.  My insurance guy
said we used the system too much (mind you, I have few complications and have
used it mainly for preventative visits and hubby hasn't been very sick
I am currently getting quotes from Blue Cross because they are very favorable
to pumpers (the HMO plan covers 100 percent, and the PPO plan isn't
I'm really trying to figure out if the PPO plans work out better or worse.  If
you don't use your primary care physician much, doesn't it take a long time to
get to a deductible on a PPO plan? One other local group just gave me
paperwork, and they don't cover more than 50 percent diabetes supplies.  Their
deductible started at $500 per person.
Well, if any of you have experience with this it would be helpful to hear.  We
have only ourselves in our small business, so we are usually covered as two
individuals of a small group.
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