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[IP] Boca Raton Florida DRI Pump Support Group 1/9/03


            University of Miami Medical School
                Invites you to the

Time: January 9, 2002, 7:00p.m.THURSDAY
        Hey..back to our regular 2nd Thursday of the monthb&.
Place: Whitehall Nursing Home
    Boca Raton

It's a New Year and always timely to re-evaluate and balance priorities in
family, health, and personal pleasure. Next comes setting goals, the
incorporation of new skills, and finally evaluation and either reward or
re-negotiating more manageable goals.

I am always talking about managing stress through exercise and "cognitive
restructuring", the understanding that stress is not always from the outside
world but our perception of how we look at and interpret situations. We
cannot have power over all external events but we can control our thoughts,
attitudes, and behaviors.

Cognitive restructuring is not minimizing or denying pain, sadness, or
frustration, but identifying and limiting the negative feelings and thoughts
and perhaps recycling them to motivate us. The steps are self-monitoring
(awareness, recognition), challenging negative thoughts, and replacing
negatives with increasingly rational responses.

Here are some cognitive distortions, which we easily fall into and must learn
to challenge and replace:
Mind reading -You assume rather than be directb&e.g. Your family member
doesn't ask you about your blood sugars so you decide he obviously doesn't
care about you.
All or nothing-One false move and you're a failure e.g. You don't lose weight
on two days of a diet; you'll never lose weight.
Emotional reasoning-You assume your feelings not intellect or reality are the
truth-e.g.You fear diabetes will interfere in getting a promotion, therefore
it is true and why bother?

If we take the time to zero in on our thought patterns, we can improve our
mood and motivation. Let's come and help each other.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Please call if I can be of help
before then..Dr, Wendy Rapaport 561- 4778595.
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