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[IP] What supplies do you carry with you?

I have always carried a big kit.  It started on injections, carrying
syringes and the whole nine yards.  Then after I went on the pump, I
tried to carry all my supplies for one site change.  That was
impractical, though, because they were very bulky, and some things
like the skin prep wipes would get dried out if carried too long. 
But I still carry most supplies with me.  

I get the impression here that sometimes people don't carry nearly
that much.  I've used a Dia-Pak Deluxe carrying case (found at:  http://www.medicool.com/diabetes/dp.html) for
years.	It is getting old and in need of replacement, but before I
did, I thought I'd ask you about what you do.

What supplies do you carry with you?  What do you feel are absolutely
necessary to have on hand at all times?  How do you carry them?  

Thanks for whatever insight you can offer.  Maybe you'll actually get
me comfortable carrying less.  I just get sick of a huge purse to
hold the Dia-Pak, and getting the Heaviest Purse Award!  That's
something I could really do without!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990

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