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[IP] Pulling a Pump?

<Why would the pump be blamed.  If this pumper has a lackidaisical (SP?) 
attitude about her diabetes and how it is treated why would the pump be 
blamed for anything that may happen?  If this person can get on with her life 
without stresing over everything more power to her.   This person has an 
attitude of non-stress so that is them.  Not everyone can do that.  But that 
is why this is such a YMMV type of disease, right?>


The problem I see with a casual attitude about diabetes, whether wearing a pump or doing shots, is that by not taking responsibility for your blood sugar, it ends up falling on your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else who has to treat you.  Maybe SHE'S not stressing about it, but the people who have to send her to the ER probably are.  My thinking is that the problem is not with the pump, but with her diabetes management overall.  Even though YMMV, you should be careful of who you run over in the process of caring or not caring for yourself.  It's up to us to take care of our blood sugars the best we can, so the people around us don't have to.

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