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[IP] Getting Ready for Pumping

I need a little help making a shopping list. Along with my Cozmo, the dist

50 Cozmo 3ml Insulin Cartridges
40  Disetronic Tenders - 31"
1 Box of Smith Nephew I.V. Prep Antiseptic Wipes
AAA batteries

In the Cozmo kit were a couple of  IV3000 film dressings, 2 cartridges, and
2 Deltec Cozmo Essential infusion sets which look identical to the
Disetronic Tenders and are coincidently manufactured by the same company.

I got a script for saline but so far have not found any place that carries
it. I am going to try a hospital pharmacy tomorrow.

I would assume that I need scripts for more of the IV3000 film dressings,
and some insulin would be helpful. I am going to call my doctor's office
tomorrow to get these scripts. Since I will be going to back to my regular
medical supplier for future needs, I will get scripts for the cartridges,
wipes, and infusion sets as well. I would like to try other infusion sets.
Any recommendations? Is there anything else I should ask for?

Thanks for your help
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