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RE: [IP] Freestyle Meter

Oh my...  where do we ever get these perceptions?  Some people struggle to
afford one meter, and others believe they should be given 4, just for their
convenience.  If I showed up at my endo's office with 4 meters for him to
download along with my pump, he'd fire me.

3000 test strips a year?  I use about 3500 (nine or ten a day).  Let's do
the math...  The pharmacy collects 69 dollars for every 100 test strips.  69
cents each.  Using standard retail markup as a guideline (pharmacy markup is
actually higher) you might guess that the pharmacy pays their distributor
about 35 cents for a test strip.  The distributor deals in volume so maybe
he pays 30 cents to the manufacturer.  By the time you take into account
material costs, personnel, and ammortize the cost of R&D and manufacturing
equipment over the life of the product, the manufacturer might be realizing
a profit of 20 cents per test strip.  This is probably a high estimate.  At
3000 strips a year, you are personally contributing a whopping $600 to their
bottom line.  For that you expect the manufacturer to supply you with _4_
free meters?  You and I are exceptions, too.  The average customer, the
customer on whom these decisions are based, uses 3 or 4 strips a day.  Their
contribution to the annual report is only a couple of hundred dollars.  How
many free meters should they demand for this?

Free meter programs are loss leaders.  It is better to cut profits or even
lose a little bit of money than to have a potential customer go to another
brand and make no money at all.  Have you noticed that in meter exchange
programs you can only exchange a meter made by a different manufacturer?
Where do the exchanged meters go?  Most likely in the furnace, because every
meter in circulation made by a different manufacturer is potentially taking
revenue away from the company!

Have a happy new year, and good luck in your quest for 4 free meters.  I'll
continue struggling to get by with just one. <grin>


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> I have been using the Freestyle Glucose Meter for the past two years. I
> have
> two meters that I currently use. I would prefer to have a total of four,
> so
> that I can keep one at my office, one at home, one in my car and one in my
> travel bag, as I travel frequently. I get 15 boxes of test strips every 90
> days from Express Scripts. I contacted Therasense to see if they would
> provide
> me with two additional meters and their response was that they did not
> have a
> free meter program. After I explained that I used over 3000 test strips
> annually I did not hear back from them. Does anyone have any ideas where
> to
> get two Freestyle meters or as another alternative, I would consider
> changing
> meters if I can get four at N/C. Hope someone has some ideas.
> Steve
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