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RE: [IP] depression and diabetes

Yes, I have been depressed before. Have been through many things(taken
effexor for depression).  Yes, D and depression go hand in hand for many
people.  I went for 2-3 years and ignored my D completely. I read
somewhere that all DMers go through the "denial" stage with it.  Mine
came after 12 yrs of it.  I stopped taking my insulin and checking bg
for days/weeks/months at a time. I took just enough insulin to keep
myself alive, never checked, and didn't care.  Then I started getting
telltale signs of complications:  receding gumlines(which good control
has halted), NLD(skin condition related to D), and shooting pains in
nervesin my legs and feet(at night especially--think this is beginning
neuropathy after much self-abuse and 16 yrs of D).
Long story---but I found out I have no eye damage(knock on wood), etc.
and I decided I needed to take care of myself---got a pump, etc.
I personally think that D causes depression and depression causes you
not to care about yourself, and that makes you feel worse
physically(high bg) so you get depressed because you feel bad.  It's
cycle that is hard to break. I am sure DMers are depressed for other
reasons as well, but the cycle thing is just my experience/opinion.

Your question about prozac---I have not taken that,but have taken
effexor and it did help me be stable enough to deal with what I had to
deal with...it's not a miracle "happy pill" though.

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