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[IP] Re:Atkins Diet and Logic in General

Dear Everyone,
My last post was not addressed specifically to the Atkins thread, for which
I apologize.  I just would like more of us to remember that short term
results (which technically a few years do qualify as) are easy to produce,
and then you must really decide what parts of this or that fad helped you
and what parts did not, and then you are now following, "the "Katy Diet" for
example, not "the Atkins Diet". When you provide your anecdote, you are
testifying that yes this diet helped you, but remember, you are not supposed
to play doctor.  We can only say either, " this diet produced success for me
in this way," or some glossed over scientific argument which will be based
on lots of people and several statistical error devices factored in or it
will be based on sciences which can have experimental variables totally
isolated and tested.The reason the scientific argument is stronger is
because it survived a standard set of rules repeatedly, and even the
scientists realize that parts of this or that theory may need to be changed,
but they may be the ones to discover the change, and they even might get a
second Nobel Prize type award.  However, an anecdote is only proof that
something has potential, or that it sometimes happens, for example, I got
complications oddly early, but I do not expect most of the group to, and I
also believe that scientists someday will understand why I got the standard
complications at a nonstandard and yet not unheard of time (in fact there
have been several strides already made but I have bored everyone already
Anyway, I am trying to make it painfully obvious that I am including myself
in the group of people who do make arguments that are not really "arguments"
and that I should somehow preface them with "don't spend money on this
advice, but this is what I think..."  So please except my apology for my
strangely blunt yet long and drawn out notes that I keep sending out.
Just doing my best to keep the rest of the world a step ahead of me!
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