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[IP] Re: Atkins Diet

"Because Atkins' claims are almost completely contrary to guidelines of the
American Dietetic Association, the American Heart Association, the American
Diabetes Association, and many more, it seems incumbent on Dr. Atkins to
provide the research support.  In over thirty years, he has not done so.  He
has finally started supporting some independent research that is, I believe,
under way.  But he's never applied for any grants for research, something
that, were his ideas really well founded, most health scientists would
endeavor to obtain so that the hypotheses could be properly tested.

It *has* been demonstrated that low carb / high protein diets cause weight
loss because the calories per day is reduced, not because of the kind of
food being consumed.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted OR
email @ redacted"

(I apologize in advance for backing you up Jim, cause you don't need it, but
here goes.)
I have a very simple request:  Could everyone please just check his/her own
logic without getting defensive before arguing with Jim Handsfield?  That is
all.  If you need help check out one of the following sites.  This will also
help you know when to listen to the news, when to trust a diet, when you
should or shouldn't trust an expert etc.  Thank you.
Please note that I am really not trying to be obnoxious, I just think that
when a person can answer a question logically for himself, then he is going
to feel better about the outside world and send more pleasant emails.  I
also think it is silly to argue with Jim Handsfield, because he puts thought
into his responses and tries very hard to be nice or at least humorous while
completely proving his argument right.  I could add more from any one of my
old biochemistry books on why we eat carbohydrates and why we limit fats,
but I cannot convince you unless you are willing to differentiate between a
fallacious and a logical argument.
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