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Re: [IP] sick days - yikes

In a message dated 1/31/02 6:34:25 PM !!!First Boot!!!, email @ redacted 

<< I have an upper respiratory infection. My BGs are
 through the roof. I've read about that happening, but
 it's never happened to me (8 years DMer). I bolus and
 I start to come down, but 4 hours later I'm back up to
 350. My basal is at around 1.1 (usually .6 or .7).
 Will someone reassure me that this can happen when you
 get sick? I just started antibiotics yesterday.  >>
This happens to my son when he's sick.  I know some people increase their 
basal rates, but we chase the highs down every 3 hours.  It usually doesn't 
last more than a day or two.
 Hope you feel better soon.
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