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You wrote:

My doctor told me that he would personally kick my a** is he found me trying
the Adkins Diet.  It is not a good diet for anyone to be on for the simple
fact that the body uses carbohydrates for energy first, then fat, then
And I reply:

And my doctor is very happy with my low carbing, even on the insulin pump.
Low carbing has kept my weight under control for more than 3 years now, and
my kidneys are fine, my liver is fine.  I am fine, the only time my sugars
went out of control since I was diagnosed Type II, is when my pancreas shut
down.  That had nothing to do with low carbing, in fact, my doctor was
amazed with my low insulin output and high resistance that I managed my Type
II for so long with just diet, exercise and oral meds.  Then, I went on the
pump, I am still low carbing, and I am fine.  I really think it's a matter
of YMMV, don't you think?

It really seems to me that everybody's WOE, is quite personal to them, and I
really don't think doctors should be saying that one diet or another is
dangerous for everyone, or perfect for everyone, it may be just the thing
for someone, and not someone else.  My doctor is very supportive of my WOE,
and very supportive of my continuing to low carb, even on the pump.

I have a friend that must limit his protein intake since he as a polycystic
kidney disease, and he and I often joke that we have opposite diets, we
should divorce our current spouses and marry each other.  :-)  Too bad we're
both happily married!

Thanks for letting my share my thoughts.  If I could not low carb, I would
be a very unhappy diabetic indeed.

Type II, diagnosed in Nov. 1998
Pumping since November, 2001
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